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- Andorra
- France 1984-1989 
- France 1990-1994  
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- Mali 
- Monaco 1986-1989 
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ATG - Association of Engraved Stamps (in French only) 
A French association of designers, specialized journalists, professional engravers, and philatelists with particular interest in engraved stamps. 

Philatelic News (in French)
News from the French Federation of Philatelic Associations 

Pierre Albuisson's Personal Website 
An interesting site showing another side of the engraver through his designs and drawings

French Post Office (in French) 
Official website for the French Post Office 

French Postal Museum (in French)
Official website for the French Postal Museum in Paris 

Monaco Post Office (in English and French) 
Official website of postage stamps from the Principality of Monaco. 
(For links, see: "Partner Sites")  

Timbropresse - French Philatelic Magazine (in French only)
Des Courriers Très Spéciaux: Une aventure postale inédite - Pôle Nord Spitzberg et la Guyane: découverte de la poste fluviale. 

The Pipes of Alain Albuisson 
Alain Albuisson is a pipe-maker and a traditional wood carver whose special skill is the making of de luxe root briar pipes. 

Czeslaw Slania's Engravings (in English)
Highly awarded website about the Swedish engraver Czeslaw Slania, his engraved stamps and banknotes. 

International Postal Union (in English and French)
The official website of the Universal Postal Union

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