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TAAF consists of a handful of small islands, located in the Indian Ocean in the "proximity" of Antarctica between the 40th and 80th degrees of longitude, and 60th and 40th degrees of latitude. 

TAAF - map small scale

They are: the Island of Amsterdam, The Island of Saint Paul, Kerguelen, and Crozet.  Further is included Terre Adélie located on the Antarctic Continent (the green stripe on the map). The areas are mainly stations for climate studies, but serve also scientific purposes, such as studying the Antarctic Marine Life. The stamps from Taaf mainly consist of portraits of notable scientists and ships equipped for their tasks. 
  • Map of the TAAF areas. Click on the map to see large format. The link will open in a new window. Scan © Jean-Claude Fouchet. 

Taaf 1997. Air post stasmp, high value. Fish of Prey.


  • Taaf 1997.  Air post stamp, high value. Fish of Prey. 

Taaf1998. Etienne Peau. Taaf 1998. Georges Laclavere. Taaf 1999. Pierre Sicaud. Taaf 2000.  Abby Jane Morrell.
  • Taaf 1998. Etienne Peau, Antarctic Explorer. 

  • Taaf 1998. Georges Laclavère (1906-1994), Geographer. 

  • Taaf 1999. Pierre Sicaud, (1911-1998). Antarctic Explorer, Commander of Outpost at Kerguelen Islands. . 

  • Taaf 2000. Abby Jane Morrell, born 1890, travelled together with her husband, Captain Benjamin who was commander of the ship "L'Antarctic", the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Australian Seas.  She has written a much favoured book about her travels. 

Taaf 2000. The armed ship "La Pérouse". Taaf 2001. 20th anniversary of the CCAMLR (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.
  • Taaf 2000. "La Pérouse". An armed ship named after the French explorer Jean-François de la Perouse (1741-1788). 

  • Taaf 2001. 20th anniversary of the CCAMLR (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources). Design by Pierre Albuisson, printed in offset. 

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