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Albuisson has engraved the three air post stamps shown below for this area. Click on any of the three images and see them in large version. The links will open in a new window. 

Saint-Pierre & Miquelon 1997. Peregrine Falcon (faldo peregrinus).

Near the south coast of Newfoundland, the archipelago of St. Pierre and Miquelon stretches its 44 km of length between 46°45 ' and 47°09 ' of North latitude. 

With a 242 km² surface it is composed of two main islands whose names confound themselves with agglomerations that they shelter: Miquelon-Langlade (206 km²) and St. Pierre (25 km²), to which it is necessary to add four small islands at the east of St. Pierre including “l’île-aux-Marins” and the “Grand Colombier” (about 50 ha) and about fifteen islets and rocks dispersed. 

This configuration gives an extraordinary inshore development of 216 km (892 m of coasts by km² !) well shared between cliffs and low coasts. 

  • Saint Pierre & Miquelon 1997. Air post. Peregrine Falcon [falco peregrinus].  Design by Olaisola, engraving by Pierre Albuisson. 
Saint-Pierre & Miquelon 1995. Arctic Tern (sterna paradisaea). Saint-Pierre & Miquelon 1996. Whimbrel (numenius phaeopus).
  • Saint Pierre & Miquelon 1995. Air post. Arctic Tern [sterna paradisaea].  Design by Borotra, engraving by Pierre Albuisson. 
  • Saint Pierre & Miquelon 1996. Air post. Whimbrel [numenius phaeopus].  Design by Olaisola, engraving by Pierre Albuisson. 

Saint Pierre & Miquelon 2006. French senator (Socialist Party) of SPM 1968-1984.

  • Saint Pierre & Miquelon 2006. French senator (Socialist Party) of SPM 1968-1984. Scan by courtesy of Pierre Albuisson. 

Map of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon.

Cliffs are often steep, like those of the Cape of Miquelon or the continuous rampart of 11 km in the South of Langlade. 

The low coasts are either accumulations of glacial origin in terraces or marine in the form of beaches, dunes and pebbles. 

The high parts form a set of bare rocky bumps (the " mornes "), culminating at 239m on Miquelon (“la Grande Montagne”) and 207m on St. Pierre (the “Trépied”), separated by  peaty small valleys. They are occupied by ponds, often linked by streams that finish in cascade in the sea. 

The island of Langlade distinguishes itself by tabular and uneven profile of some rocky bars between 160 and 190 meters of altitude. 

Its south-east half, badly drained, is covered of immense peat-bogs, and of a hundred of ponds and pools. The northeast part, with a relief more broken, is crossed by the only important river of the islands, the " Belle Rivière ".

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