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This website is dedicated to the French engraver, Pierre Albuisson, and his engraved stamps for France and the francophone world. 

France 2005. Nancy. Panoramic View.

The stamp above, issued 2005, for the 78th Congress of the French Federation of Philatelic Associations is both designed and engraved by Pierre Albuisson. The stamp is shown in large format on the homepage. 

I am most grateful to Mr. Albuisson for his active participation in setting up this site, as well as he has personally reviewed all pages approved their contents. 

I hope this web site of his engraved stamps and other works works will prove useful to the many collectors of engraved stamps throughout the world. Many thanks to Mr. A.J. Vella (Canada) and Pierre Courtiade (France) for all their help, support, and further encouragement. 

Part of the contents of this site was is also shown as a bonus part on a DVD, produced 2005 for the Monegasque Post Office by the French philatelic magazine "Timbropresse" and the French philatelic journalist Gauthier Toulemonde, under the title of "Des Courriers Très Spéciaux: Une aventure postale inédite - Pôle Nord Spitzberg et la Guyane: découverte de la poste fluviale". Nearly two hours of exceptional philatelic entertainment. In French only with (no subtitles in English). The cassette of 2 DVD's is offered at 27 € + postage on the link quoted below. 

No part of this site may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, for commercial purposes without the written permission of both the engraver and the webmaster. 

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