"La Marianne"

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For the Marianne-Competition 1997, Pierre Albuisson submitted this bright and young face with lovely hair, topped by the Phrygian bonnet. The stylized rooster associates to the god Mercury, or the planet in our solar system that is closest to the sun. Albuisson's design did not win a prize, but his engraving remains as an example of his fresh and light-handed engravings, that will -- hopefully -- with time renew the classic engravings. 

On the right is shown the design that was chosen for the stamp. 

Pierre Albuisson's engraving of "Marianne" for the competition 1997. France 1997. Marianne de Luquet, also known as "Marianne of 14th July". Desgn Eve Luquet, engraving Claude Jumelet.
  • The design submitted by Albuisson for the competition.

  • France 1997. The design that was finally chosen for the stamp. It was designed by the French designer and engraver Eve Luquet, and engraved by Claude Jumelet. The stamp is also known as "Marianne of 14th July". It is the first French definitive stamp designed by a woman. 

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