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I have set up a checklist of Pierre Albuisson's engraved stamps in chronological order with catalogue numbers after the French catalogue Yvert & Tellier, and cross references to Scott Standard Catalogue. The checklist is set up in Excel 2000 (spread-sheet), which will enable the user to make additional columns to suit personal collecting needs. For each stamp issue the topic is mentioned, so that the checklist may be searched by topic/theme. The checklist is in English only. 

The checklist contains only a listing of Albuisson's engraved stamps, not other items such as stamps for which the layout was done by Albuisson, but not engraved. The checklist will be updated as new stamps appear, and/or missing catalogue numbers are known. The checklist is guaranteed virus-free, and may be downloaded by anyone, free of charge. Your privacy is ensured, and your download or email-address are not registered anywhere by the webmaster. Stamp collecting should be fun :-) 

Click on the link to download for your personal usage. Save it to any folder of your choice on your hard drive

Download Checklist

The list should not be copied or re-distributed for commercial purposes. I take no liability of whichever kind for any consequence in the case of breaching this condition. 

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Published June 2005. Revised 10-feb-2007
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