Andorra 1983-1991

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In 1983 Albuisson started engraving stamps for the Principality of Andorra (French Andorra), and his love for nature is beautifully shown in the eight stamps that have resulted so far. Since 1991 Albuisson has no longer worked for Andorra.

Andorra is a small enclave located in the Eastern part of the mountain range of the Pyrenees, separating France and Spain. Andorra is traditionally held to have been declared a free state by Charlemagne in the 9th century A.D. In 1278 it came under the joint control of the Catalan bishop of Urgel and of the count of Foix of France; through the latter, French rights passed successively to the kings and chiefs of state of France. Andorra pays a nominal biennial tribute to France and to the bishop of Urgel. In 1970 women received the right to vote. Andorra was admitted to the United Nations in 1993. 

Andorra 1983.  Natura. Salmon Trout Andorra 1983. Natura. Birch Trees.
  • Andorra 1983. Protection of Nature. Birch trees, and Salmon Trout. The stamps are designed by Pierrette Lambert, and engraved by Pierre Albuisson. 
Andorra 1984. Natura. Chestnut Andorra 1984. Natura. Hazelnuts
  • Andorra 1984. Protection of Nature. Chestnut and Walnut. The stamps are designed by Pierrette Lambert, and engraved by Pierre Albuisson. 
Andorra 1989. Natura. Boar Andorra 1989. Natura. Lizard
  • Andorra 1989. Protection of Nature. Boar, and Lizard. The stamps were designed by Guiol, and engraved by Pierre Albuisson. 
Andorra 1989. Village of Pal in Winter Andorra 1991. Bicentenary of death of W.A. Mozart
  • Andorra 1989. The Village of Pal in Winter. Both design and engraving is by Pierre Albuisson. A very nice and delicate stamp that truly renders the harsh winter climate high up in the Pyrenees. 
  • Andorra 1991. Bicentenary of death Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The stamp was engraved by Pierrette Lambert, and engraved by Pierre Albuisson. A nice design, that hints at Mozart's famous composition "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik", [A Little Night Music, or Little Nocturne] written by Mozart in 1787 at the age of 31. Others of his works are "The Marriage of Figaro", "Don Juan", "Cosi van Tutte", "The Magic Flute", and many more. See also Albuisson's interpretation of the Monegasque Mozart-stamp 1987. The link will open in a new window. 

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