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Pierre Albuisson was born on 26th September 1952 on Madagascar, the son of a French military officer. He is self-taught in engravings, and already at the age of 12-13 he did his first engraving, after one of the German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer. He told his mother that when working on that, he had the impression that "this guy is watching me behind my back". 

He passed most of his time in school by doing designs and sketches. When in secondary school at the age of 16, he followed an evening course in fine arts at Macôn, and three years later he obtained a certificate of studies. 

Pierre Albuisson

The other pupils at school first nicknamed him "The Little Dürer", then later "Albrecht". This seemed quite natural, as the first three letters of the German artist's name were the same as those in his own name -- ALB. 

André Piazza, his professor at school and a fabulous designer himself, who had worked together with Salvador Dali, tells about Albuisson, that "he taught me to observe, to gain a spirit of analysis, to work on the subjects, and chose the technique required for obtaining the best result". 

Pierre Albuisson: "La Promenade". Engraving after Albrecht Dürer.

Albuisson could only proceed to the National Institute of Engraving, and two years later he obtained his national diploma with honours of the jury, followed by the prestigious international engraving award from Rank Xerox. 

Albuisson soon became professor of fine arts at the institute of Macôn, above all teaching his students that without technical virtuosity it is impossible to deliver a professional art work, but left his position after five years, when he disagreed with the pedagogic used at the school. 

He turned to graphic works, and did a lot of illustrations for books, wine-bottle labels and other works, as well as he continued to exhibit his designs and works in various galleries of Paris and Geneva. 

  • Albuisson's first engraving, done at the age of 12-13 years.  "La Promenade", inspired by an engraving by Albrecht Dürer. 
In 1980 he contacted the Bureau d'Études des Postes et Télécommunication d'Outre Mer -- BEPTOM -- with an application to design and engrave stamps for Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises (TAAF), and he was invited to submit an engraved portrait of his own choice. 

At this moment he was reading works on Ethology (studies of animal and human behaviour) by the German Nobel Laureate Konrad Lorenz, whose expressive face he liked very much, and decided to engrave for the occasion. 

Albuisson had to wait one more year for his first commission to engrave stamps, which should be for the Republic of Mali, and the portrait of Pierre Curie, who discovered the radioactivity in 1859. 

Konrad Lorenz. Engraving by Pierre Albuisson

  • Albuisson's engraved portrait of Konrad Lorenz. 
    Scan © Pierre Albuisson. 

Not less than four times Albuisson's stamps have been awarded the most beautiful stamps. 

Monaco 1990. Claude Monet "The Magpie".

Monaco 1990. Claude Monet: "The Magpie".
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Monaco 1993. Edvard Grieg. Portrait.

Monaco 1993. Edvard Grieg.

Monaco 1997. Souvenir sheet of Sandro Botticelli's painting "The Spring".

Monaco 1997. Souvenir sheet of 
Sandro Botticelli's painting "The Spring". 
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France 2000. 73rd Philatelic Congress in Nièvres

France 2000. 

73rd Philatelic Congress in Nièvres. In 2000 the 73rd Philatelic Congress took place in Nièvres, and this lovely stamp was issued, showing a faience jar from the 17th century on the background of Porte de Croux. 

In December 2004 Albuisson became the president of the association "Art du Timbre Gravé", whose logo you can see on the welcome-page. 

And the rest is history -- all Pierre Albuisson's engraved stamps for Mali, Andorra, France, Monaco, The Ivory Coast, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Wallis & Futuna, French Polynesia, TAAF and New Caledonia are shown on this site in chronological order. Enjoy a wonderful journey of the world through exquisitely engraved stamps. 

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