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Welcome to Heindorffhus, an extensive website covering various aspects of topical stamp collecting, with main focus on Arts on Stamps, Philatelic Arts, and World Cultural Heritage.  

Click on any of the below links, and enter a world of art, literature, architecture, imagination, and unbelievable artistic commitment. All links will open in a new window.  

The Vikings of the North  
A site about The Vikings - Raiders and Traders of the North -- described through postage stamps. 

The site will tell you briefly about the Vikings' explorations in Denmark, The British Isles, Norway, the Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Sweden. Estonia and Ukraine, all extensively illustrated on current postage stamps. 

The House of Glüksburg on Postage Stamps 
The fascinating story about the royal dynasty that spread continent-wide in Europe through marriage, delivering a Russian Czarina, a British Queen, and Kings of Greece and Norway. 

The site brings you to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Great Britain, Luxemburg, Greece, Spain, Russia, Romania, and Yugoslavia, and give you full genealogies and/or short historical reviews of the family's many branches throughout Europe. 

Pierre Albuisson: engraved stamp for Monaco 2004. Princess Grace. Pierre Albuisson's Engravings
A website about the French engraver Pierre Albuisson's engraved stamps for France and the francophone world. 

As opposed to other engravers Albuisson works mainly on copper plate (taille-douce), which gives a much softer look to the final work than the traditional steel engraving. 

The site includes also some of his private works done in the mezzotinto-technique, and further gives many examples of the "Philatelic Document" as illustrations and complements to the official stamp issues. In English and French. 

Hans Christian Andersen. Commemorative Stamp  for his 200th birth anniversary.

Hans Christian Andersen 
A philatelic celebration of the International Hans Christian Andersen Year 2005.  

Read about the author's life, the most important of his fairy tales, and see the wonderful postage stamps world wide that illustrate them, many of them being Disney-designs. 

Complete checklist of postage stamps in chronological order as per country, with links to images of all items listed. 

World Cultural Heritage. Mont St. Michel, France.

World Cultural Heritage
An extensive website about UNESCO World Cultural Heritage seen through postage stamps, with historical facts about the individual sites. 

The site is under continuous construction and enlargement. The World Heritage comprises at present 812 different sites designated by UNESCO as World Cultural or Natural Heritage. Of these are approximately 800 sites online, showing artworks and great architecture from countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Austral-Asia, all seen through postage stamps. 

Art History on Stamps. Art Deco Stamp from Czech Republic. Cupid.

Art History on Stamps
Extensive site about Art History, from cave paintings to modern times, illustrated through stamps and philatelic material.

Listing of art styles and individual artist biographies within painting and sculpting related to each period; architecture, literature, and more.     

Female artists.

Czeslaw Slania's Engravings. Engraved stamp for The Faeroe Islands 1979. "The Ram". Czeslaw Slania's Engraved Stamps and Bank Notes 
A highly awarded site about the Swedish Master Engraver's philatelic arts. 

Engraved stamps and bank notes from more than 40 countries world wide, with extensive information.  

Private works, including labels and the famous boxer series. 

Danish Christmas Seals through 100 years 
An overview of all Danish Christmas Seals through one hundred years 1904-2003, covering also the seals from the Faeroe Islands and Greenland from their first year of issuance until 2003. 

Read the story about the Danish postmaster Einar Holboell, who was the inventor of this charitable label, and how his idea spread over time to many countries abroad, often inspired and advocated by Danish emigrants to foreign lands, some so far away as New Zealand. 

Note: This site is discontinued after 2003, but remains online as per many requests from regular visitors. 

Shoebox Articles. India, 12 anas. Shoebox
A site containing pages that do not fit into my other websites: Ephemera, Curiosa. Aspects of less known parts of postal history, and a small section "From My Philatelic Art Mews". 

Read about the famous Canadian schooner Bluenose, that became a national symbol of Canada; the Hungarian Hyperinflation 1945-1946, the Azad Hind Movement in India, Soviet stamps related to Lithuania during 50 years of occupation, Postal History of Christmas Island, The Dutch Stamp Jewel, The Dutch Silver stamp, and much much more.    

These sites being intended as online references for stamp collectors, please enjoy your visit and come back often. The whole site contains at present more than 1,000 pages, and thousands of stamp images; enough reading, information and entertainment for every spare minute you have. :-)

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